Radio Server Player

Radio Server Player 2.5

Radio Server Player is the perfect audio playout tool for internet radio

Radio Server Player is the perfect audio playout tool for internet radio stations, pubs, clubs, party organisers and mobile DJs, where continous music playout and simple control is a must.
Radio Server Player incorporates a unique play stacking system, so you are able to queue up to 9 songs, jingles or promos at once. The stack queue allows a clear view of what tracks are still to play and what track is currently playing out.
Main features:
- DirectX Audio Playback for Efficiency
- Playlist Stack Queuing System
- Track Notes Store with Each Song
- Air Time Counters
- Playback Pitch Configuration on a Per-Song Basis
- 5 Cart Arrays - up to 45 Carts in total
- Cart Auto-Loop Facility
- Sweeper and Song Intro Management
- Automatic Wave Analysis
- AAC, MP4, WavPack Playback
- Song Intro Count-Down Timer
- Bulk Media File Addition Process
- Broken File Link Manager
- Promo Expiry Management
- Automatic Gain Control System with Compressor
- Spectrum Display with PPM Indicators
- Multi-Sound Card Support
- User Profiles
- Auto-DJ Mode with Auto Jingle/Promo Insertion
- Upload of "ON AIR" Information to Web Server
- Talk-Over Attenuation Facility
- Playlist Item Repeat Function
- Keyboard Shortcuts
- Playout Logging
- Cut-In, Mix-Out, Intro Point Setup
- Genre Management
- Drag 'n' Drop File Control, for Simplicity
- Back-Timer
- SQL Database Back-Bone
- Simple Step-By-Step Help System
The queue also shows you the track time, intro length and air time, so you know exactly what time of day the track will start.

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